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Best Physiotherapist in Ahmedabad

Dr.Jigar Patel is a highly trained & specialist doctor who has completed BPT, MD ( Accu ), MIAP, Twist Certified (USA).

Dr Jigar Patel is best Physiotherapist in Ahmedabad. He has more than 12 years of practice in all aspect of the Physiotherapy. Apart from Traditional practice Dr JIgar Patel is focusing on advance Physiotherapy like Manual Therapy, Kinesio taping, Cupping Therapy, Acupuncture Therapy, Dry Needling, IASTM, PEMF, Laser Therapy and many more.

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Advance Physiotherapy Clinic In Gota


Knee Pain

We are providing Best Knee Pain treatment in Gota, Ahmedabad


Back Pain

Obtain pain of because is pain, but because you nally circumstances


Shoulder Pain

Obtain pain of because is pain, but because you nally circumstances



Obtain pain of because is pain, but because you nally circumstances


Ankle Pain

Know about the physiology of ankle pain which is mainly occurs because of ankle sprain.


Our Happy Patients says about me

QuoteDr Jigar Patel is an experienced physiotherapist in Ahmedabad. He is very knowledgeable in the subject. With his line of treatment and excercises, we saw a remarkable improvement in the patients recovery after knee replacement surgery in gota.

Kunal Shah

QuoteDr Jigar has been a super with physiotherapy in gota, Ahmedabad. He has very sound and clear techniques. He is also very knowledgeable and a very supportive. Helped me to recover from my frozen shoulder. Thank you

Dhaval Sheth

QuoteDr jigar patel is kind and having depth of real solution of problem , under his supervision we got relief from ankel pain , after my experience I must say that he is best physiotherapist in vandematram area, Ahmedabad.thank you so much!!!

Malkesh Modi

QuoteI am taking physiotherapy service from Dr. Jigar Patel for a week. I was in unbearable pain when I came now my pain has reduced a lot and I am able to move my hand. Thanks to Dr. Jigar, he is helping me to come out of this pain and making my life better.. Best in Ahmedabad.. I will visit sure

Dilip Jain

QuoteMy friend got ankle sprain while playing Cricket. He got Physiotherapist treatment for Ankel pain in Gota at his Physio Clinic for one 1 hour only and his pain was reduced and he advised rest and some exercises also. I would say Dr Jigar’s Physio Clinic is one of the best Physio Clinic in Gota for Sport Injuries

Het Patel

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Best Physiotherapy in Ahmedabad

Treating The Cause of Pain, Not Just The Symptoms.

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